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A high-performing senior team and a leadership pipeline guarantee your board of directors and CEO are focused on the future and prepared for whatever comes next.

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What Have We Done for CEOs?

From board and CEO selection to assessment, transition, and succession, we've helped organizations navigate essential leadership development processes. We develop a picture of the leader you need now and, in the future, using proprietary data and insights, including the world's largest normative CEO database. Our consultants provide you with access to the world's largest network of ready-to-join board talent in all industries and roles.

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Ensure Your Board Is Effective and Future-Focused

We provide a confidential and neutral space for your board members (under the direction of the chair) to reflect on their expectations, contributions, and effect and freely discuss issues, concerns, and ideas for improving how the board runs.

Build A Board Succession Plan

Conduct a gap analysis, which includes assessing the company's vision and strategy, determining the skills and experiences required to support it, and creating a matrix of present director skills. Create future-focused success profiles that fit within the overall picture of the board. These profiles identify the viewpoints, mindsets, and experiences needed by board members and compare them to a peer group.

Find The Right Directors for Your Board

Across all industries and functions, our consultants have access to the world's most excellent network of ready-to-board talent. And we've built our procedure to leave as little chance as possible. We assist you in constructing the gold standard of boards.

Build A Pipeline Of Future CEOs

Create a future-focused, inclusive CEO Success Profile that highlights the skill set and mindset that your next CEO will require, based on your company's strategic priorities and cultural values. Using various evaluation tools, determine the potential, readiness, and development needs of successors. We provide the board with vital information to make confident judgments regarding their next CEO and development plans for individuals in the CEO pipeline.


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