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A high-performing senior team and a leadership pipeline guarantee your board of directors and CEO are focused on the future and prepared for whatever comes next.

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What’s keeping COOs Awake At Night?

Insights-Driven Businesses Are Growing At An Average Of More Than 30% Each Year, And By 2021, Are Predicted To Take $1.8 Trillion Annually From Their Less-Informed Peers.

Forrester Insights

Optimizing business processes to surpass customer satisfaction and distinguish their company from competitors are not the only things which COOs need to be on top of. They also need to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to driving digitalization, so that they steer the future of the company in a positive direction.

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The Challenge

As companies evolve, many try to venture into new territories to get ahead of the competition. While many businesses have gone on to expand into new areas successfully, for others the journey has not been quite as smooth.

How Appmaestros can help

  • IoT

    Our expertise across domains and technologies enable us to create a seamless IoT portfolio that connects people, processes and technology.

  • Big Data

    We help organizations adopt data-driven insights and empower managers with automated reporting for faster decision making.

  • Software Development

    We build customized software solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing business ecosystem.

The Challenge

Organizations are finding it more difficult than expected to implement digital transformation to drive business growth. Corporate inertia has hampered CEOs to keep pace with the latest advancements and reinvent themselves.

How Appmaestros can help

  • Machine Learning

    Employ machine learning to gain a competitive edge, serve customers better and support the decision-making processes.

  • Discovery Workshop

    A collaborative, scope-and-time-bound phase where we define your idea from business, technology, and design perspectives.

  • Data Science

    We specialize in applying data science to business problems and developing software solutions for companies who want to leverage data for their business needs.

The Challenge

Hiring programmers, software developers or IT professionals might never have been this tough before. This is an alarming situation, since the demand for technical talent pool far exceeds the supply.

How Appmaestros can help

  • Dedicated Teams

    We will build and grow your team based on your requirements, using our internal development resources and recruitment capabilities.

  • Staff Augmentation

    Extend your in-house team with our resources who will become a part of your team and report directly to you.

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Charles Southworth

The Appmaestros team dealt extremely well with some of the factors beyond our control such as schedule extending. You showed the flexibility which makes for a great customer relationship. I appreciate your can-do attitude and honest approach to conversations about the work.

Robert K Burger

The docketing app features an intuitive user interface, allowing our attorneys to track the U.S. and international patent systems and track over 100,000 dates and deadlines.


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