NRTC Fresh

Project Overview

Launched in 1973, Nassar Al Refaee Trading Company (NRTC) deals in fresh fruits and Vegetables in the Middle East. The company approached us for the development of a website and a hybrid application that would allow clients to place an order for fresh fruits and vegetables through their mobile phones.

App Maestros, as one of the most trusted e-commerce software development agencies, delivered turnkey solutions to NRTC, helping them to scale and grow their revenue by 70%.

About the NRTC App

NRTC Fresh has revolutionized the traditional way of buying fresh fruits and vegetables by transforming the brick-and-mortar experience into a hassle-free online one. The application allows users to place online orders for fresh goods and have them delivered to their doorstep.

Technologies Deployed

We built a cross-platform responsive application for NRTC from scratch, using state-of-the-art tools. Following are the technologies and platforms we used to build the application.

The Challenge

NRTC was looking to expand its services internationally, and for that, it needed to launch an e-commerce store with integrated control over the order process. The application needed to reflect the company’s passion for fresh goods.

The issues faced by the customers included hectic work lives, long queues at grocery stores, and simply not having enough time to go to the market. The firm wanted an application to cater to all these issues through a single application, which was a challenge.
Moreover, NRTC wanted an application that assured the highest level of customer satisfaction by delivering a seamless e-shopping experience.

Our Solution

App Maestros presented an e-commerce app in full compliance with the company’s needs. A team of application developers created a visually appealing hybrid e-commerce application for the brand, offering customers convenient navigation.

All of the problems that the business faced led us to create a digital extension of NRTC along with a seamless fleet system. The application we developed offered a sleek user experience, complete with modern features like product categorization, intuitive search, search filter, shopping cart, fleet management, and seamless checkout.
As an additional option, the team integrated a blog section within the online store. The blog promotes organic nutrition and shares healthy recipes that can be made with the company’s products, serving a key marketing function for the company’s delivery service.

Website Design & Development

NRTC came to App Maestros to have its website developed from scratch. Scroll down to learn how we designed a website, the challenges we faced, and how we solved those challenges.

Tools & Technologies Utilised

We designed a website for NRTC Fresh to showcase their products to clients and display the company’s profile. The website was developed from scratch using the following tools:

Services & Technology

  • Challenges
  • Solutions

    App Maestros collaborated with NRTC from the very beginning to understand their needs and cater to them with a powerful web solution. Following are the few challenges that had to be taken care of:

  • • Responsive Layout

    A responsive layout was required to function perfectly across different devices, operating systems, and screen sizes.

  • • Social Media Integration

    The brand wanted to integrate all of its social media accounts feeds into the website so that visitors to the site follow them.

  • • Product Categorization

    Proper product categories were required for the display of fresh goods, including fruits, vegetables, pre-cuts, and juices.

    The website design and development team at App Maestros conducted an in-depth analysis and planned a custom approach to develop an effective website solution to fulfill the client’s requirements.

  • • Responsive Layout

    A responsive layout was chosen for the website that functioned properly on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs.

  • • Social Media Integration

    Social accounts were integrated into the website to encourage customers to connect socially with the brand.

  • • Product Categorisation

    Different categories were made for fruits, vegetables, pre-cuts, and juices. The products were listed in the respective category.

The Result

App Maestros succeeded in satisfying the client with a powerful application and a robust website solution that helped NRTC achieve its business goals.

Customer Engagement

The interactive application and website we developed for the brand resulted in a 65% increase in customer engagement.

Qualified Traffic

The website garnered huge traffic, out of which 36% converted into customers, while the application brought about 3,400 new users in the first month.

Client Retention

The website and application collectively improved customer loyalty, which increased client retention by about 65%.


What Our Clients Say About Us

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